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Self Service Laundry and Wash and Fold Service. The Rose Hill Laundromat uses Card System so no more coins. Also get free 24 minutes of Drying with each wash. You can also pay almost any bill. Add minutes to your Pre-Paid cell phone plan. We also sell cell phones and activate plans with Cricket, Simple Mobile, H20, Net10, Ultra Mobile and others. Check Cashing is also available. We have Lottery, games, etc. while you wait for your wash and/or dry to finish..

Washer Sizes
20 Lbs
30 Lbs
40 Lbs
60 Lbs
80 Lbs
Dryer Sizes
30 Lbs
75 Lbs
45 Lbs
30 Lbs
75 Lbs

What Clients Say?

+17038228170 rhlaundryinfo@gmail.com Daily Hours (7 AM - 10 PM)